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What is Past Life Regression Therapy ?

The article is taken from Speaking Tree.

Past Life Regression (PLR) is a technique that uses Hypnosis to recover the memories of past lives or incarnation. It is one of the best techniques to energize the soul of individual by making them to journey into their past lives. PLR is a wonderful healing process as it works deeper on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. PLR provides us the resolution of anxiety attacks, chronic pain, depression, fears that quite do not make sense. Its main objective is to make life easier, better and more fulfilling, in this present moment. Past Life Regression works on the root cause and it enables extremely deep change to take place at the very source of the problem. PLR is based on the principles of cause and effect (also known as law of karma). Many of us have pain, fears, phobias, negative thoughts of attitudes that we know could not have originated in our childhood. Often, the cause can be found in a much larger story from past life that is simmering just below the surface. This cause may be a past desire, a past thought, past feeling, a past emotion, a past vow, a past promise, a past decision, a past evasion or a past traumatic experience. PLR is a therapy that delves into the past to make the present better. It is based on the philosophy that we are eternal souls who carry forward learning and experiences from one human lifetime to another. As eternal beings, we experience physical life on earth in a series of human bodies. On a spirit level, we choose each life as a means of learning the lessons we have decided for ourselves.


Is Past Life Regression True ?

In Regression Therapy, we follow the current symptoms back to their source or cause and we encourage the story to unfold. Past-Life-Regression helps individuals to understand the karmic patterns involved and the resultant energy blockages. Its main goal is to experience what happened – focusing on particular defeats. It allows us to uncover the blocked energy that needs to be set free. Regression Therapy releases these stuck patterns bringing about Self-understanding, forgiveness and healing. Past-Life-Regression helps us to explore our past lives and through this exploration we realize that we are eternal beings.This is a part of the shamanic traditions too where they call it Journeying..or soul retrieval.These traditions come from a people we would refer to as uncivilized or who have tribal roots. Yet our anthropologists and psychiatrists are still wrapping their brains around how the human mind works. Many of them adopted techniques from these so called uncivilized people and we call ourselves civilized. In our smugness we have created a limited world with limited perception. We meet again and again to take up relationships and learn from these relationships. At a very very physical level this gives hope and gives you strength to carry on while you wait for the loved one to return in other forms and relationships. At the level of the atma, it spells permanency and underlines the fact that when we think that we are permanent on this earth, we are delving deep into our subconscious awareness that we are not this body and that we are permanent residents of the universe. That is the awareness that we need to cling to. That is the awareness that we need to make permanent in our conscious lives so that we can move towards an understanding of the cycles and mechanisms of existence.

How is Past Life Regression done ?

For me Past Life Regression is spiritual more than a clinical therapy and more to do with the soul than the psyche. It involves love, emotion, healing and karma. Its more like a meditation than a therapy, an altered state of consciousness where we can access our multidimensional soul the pivot on which our many lives are playing out. We are all splintered and till we regain all parts of our being we will keep searching for that missing part. In Modern technology the huge amount of information can be stored on the flash drives or similar kind of devices. The technical principal behind those devices are magnetic data or magnetic spots.but about the information storage system of past life. When we are active our brain stores the information, but when we leave this earthly world, then where the information is being stored about our life, if it gets stored anywhere in the universe but our soul/subcon-mind.As per science theory or maybe you have experience that an iron will turn into a magnet when an iron rod is kept with or near a magnet. Reason for this change is due to alignment of the free electrons.When people see the past life places or past life people, then they establish a magnetic connection with the past items and they have a flow of attraction or magnetic attraction. This flow required a pure and illuminated Soul to get the information about the past life.One thing most common to all incidents was that almost everyone recalled some kind of painful experience, which had caused their death. Hypnosis is a state, which resembles sleep. During this state, therapist nudges the medium into a dream like state. However, such dreams seen during the therapy are little different from the kind of dream we generally see during natural state of sleep. Our dreams usually lack coherence. Our dreams usually are the manifestation of our latent fears, desires, anxieties, intentions, and temptations.

Do Past Lives Actually Exist?

The human mind has a tremendous power to imagine. It can create figments of imagination of the weirdest kind. It can make us see things, which might not have ever happened. Therefore, we can never be sure that the technique used during 'past life regression' is the faithful recording of the previous events. It could just be a figment of imagination, which the mind is producing as a constructed set of recollection. Once created, then such memories become indistinguishable from the memories based on real events. Such events might not have occurred during one's own lifetime. People who believe in reincarnation generally are prone to recall the events of their past lives. They begin to associate with someone they read about before. Perhaps these are real past-life memories of lives you've lived. Or maybe they are waking dreams (fabricated by your Subconscious Mind) that need to be expressed to help you heal the issues you're facing. This could happen for instance: When you meet someone for the first time but you get the uncanny feeling that you know that person extremely well. While visiting a foreign country for the first time and knowing where a building or road is. When you are in a situation and get a feeling that you have been in exactly the same situation in the past though you have no evidence of such a situation in this lifetime. When you meet a person for the first time and have an immediate feeling of lack of trust for the person. When you meet a person for the first time and you get the feeling of immense love for and emotional attachment to that person (this is commonly known as love at first sight). When as child you used to have (you may still have them) memories of having lived in a different place in a different family and in different life circumstances. The narration of such experiences usually fell on deaf ears and you were gradually conditioned to believe that those past-life experiences and memories of those past-life experiences were not valid.

How Effective is Past-Life Therapy?

There are many other ways in which situations in this lifetime trigger our past-life memories. Most of us, however, are conditioned to ignore those subtle intuitive messages. Or maybe you connected with someone else's story from the Collective Unconscious that Carl Jung talked about — a story that mirrors where you are currently stuck in your present life. And you told that person's story to get unstuck. Dr. Brian Weiss, the well-known psychiatrist whose book, Many Lives, Many Masters, is one of the most instructive accounts of Past-Life Therapy, writes, "Past-Life Therapy is a well established psycho-therapeutic technique that works." "My findings indicate," he adds, "that the therapeutic arena needs to be enlarged, that we cannot stop the psychic archaeology at childhood or even infancy, but that past-life patterns and memories also must be excavated for complete healing to occur." Benefits of Past-Life Regression Therapy: Regression Therapy is short-term therapy and it tends to be more concentrated than other kinds of therapy. Several issues can be worked on simultaneously in one session. Regression Therapy is experiential rather than intellectual. Regression Therapy releases crippling emotional, mental and physical blockages. It provided immediate benefits in Physiological & Psychological health. Regression Therapy helps you change unwanted behaviour without the use of drugs. We help alter behaviour to change the brain chemistry, while drugs alter brain chemistry to change behaviour. Your Hidden & Creative talents can be unlocked. It dissolves all issues that are connected with Black Magic, Curses and hamper your progress in present Life. It assists you to get rid of Past Baggage that is hampering your Present Life. You Start Re-Living in Present and Plan your Future as per your desire. Regression Therapy is holistic — releasing trauma from the mind, body, emotions and spirit simultaneously.A specific issue or life-long pattern can often be worked through in just a few sessions. It is essential; however, that each layer of trauma – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – be transformed and integrated for complete healing to occur. After the PLR session, one experiences the freedom to create more love, happiness and fulfillment in our day-to-day lives, as we remember our true value as a unique individual, the freedom to experience better health and a resolution to old issues, as we feel more confident, more relaxed and more at peace with ourselves, ability to create more wealth, money and financial security as we allow ourselves to have – and keep – more of what we desire, and a greater sense of ‘control’ over our life, our body and our destiny, as we finally begin to remember that we create our own reality in every possible way. Types of Issues That Have Been Resolved by Regression Therapy: Fears and phobias, Chronic depression, Anxiety attacks,Childhood trauma and abuse, Chronic neck, body and back pain, Issues of unworthiness and guilt, Insecurity and poor self image, Obsessive thoughts, Blocked feelings, Insomnia, Alcoholism and other addictions, Fear of intimacy, Debilitating anger and grief, Fertility and pregnancy, Unlocking creative talents, Knowing the Purpose of Life, Relationship issues – with other family members, Financial issues – insecurity, always being in debt, losses in business , instable jobs etc, Effect of Black Magic / Curses of Past & Present Life.....A specific issue or life-long pattern can often be worked through in just a few sessions. It is essential, however, that each layer of the trauma — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual — be transformed and integrated for complete healing to occur.


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