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Back into Childhood

If you become aware of your core pattern through traditional therapy or self- reflection, you can trace it back to experiences in childhood. But that may not be going back far enough. You need to go further into the unconscious to access the past-life back-story—the original event in a previous life that set this pattern in motion.

With the help of a past life therapist, you “re-live” the past life story, you understand the full context of that life, and you recall the thoughts and feelings that got frozen in the past life trauma, usually at the time of death. That’s where the pattern originated. The process of remembering defuses the energy around the pattern. You finally release these old thoughts and feelings. You feel lighter. You are lighter.

The past life therapist guides you to see the bigger picture, too: to understand why you were born into your present family and circumstances, and to realize that you brought this pattern with you into this life—it’s a pre-existing condition of your soul. With these insights, you understand your purpose and what you came here to learn.

It’s possible to get spontaneous glimpses of past lives in dreams, through meditation, or in waking visions. But a glimpse is not enough to resolve such deep-seated patterns. To get results, you need to work with a therapist skilled in navigating the past-life territory of the unconscious.

Once you truly understand yourself at the deepest levels of your being—as a soul who brought a rich history into this life—you can move on to live more fully and creatively in the present, gleaning the lessons of many lifetimes.

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