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Ever wondered that you have met someone before while actually meeting for the first time?

Our lives are based on inter–relationships between souls, which in turn are based on the different impressions present in each one of us. These impressions determine the course of life, the nature of the soul’s activities and its physical placement in a particular environment. Thus there is typically a link or an ‘account’ between two souls who have formed a relationship in one lifetime; that link will bring them together again in other lifetimes. This explains why we experience the sense of having met or known a person before, even though we are apparently meeting them for the first time.

Moreover sometimes we experience a strong feeling of either attraction or repulsion even though we have not known them well enough in the current life but still have developed those feelings. What is taking place is that the soul is recognizing the other soul – even though they have different bodies – from the last time they met. That is the cause of most of unhappiness in the relationships which are being carried over since so many lives; the understanding which the client receives after undergoing the session is immense and actually clears off the immense negativity which they have been carrying thereby resulting in a beautiful relationship in the current life.

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