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Your spiritual journey awaits

A vivid experience by Rajesh. Session was conducted by Partheesha.

Hi Partheesha,

Thanks for being my charioteer in my PLR journey!

I had lot of doubts about PLR so was bit scared to do it. But always wanted to experience it once in my lifetime, had I done it then, it would have been just to test the viability of PLR. But when I did it now, I has full faith in it and that was the reason why I was able to get answers to all my questions.

For the past 2 years my life has been hell, all paths leading to come out of the shit was getting closed constantly. Every defeat was breaking was within, with out I being aware about it. Then most crucial incident happened in my life. First thing that came to my mind after the incident was PLR, sixth sense. My sixth sense is usually strong. I decided to get it done because by now I had tried everything and PLR was the only thing which was left out.

Since I was serious about it, followed all instructions forwarded from your end, including YOGA. The moment I started doing Yoga, I started noticing the change in my life. I have been trying to find a job more than a year now. But was unsuccessful and I had even lost the hope to find one according to my wishes. But yoga infused the energy in that I will find job as per my liking and I need to take steps towards it. After the completion of PLR, now I have updated my resume and have shared it my friends, am hopeful today I will get a job. It was missing earlier.

I always had this fear of being penniless but today that fear is gone because now I know that I will never be without money. That was one of my biggest fear, as I love it dearly. Answers to rest of the questions about my personal life were answered through the sessions 2 and 3. I came for PLR with an expectation of 50% success but after the third session outcome was 100%. Few things about my choices, life style patterns were shown to me during the sessions. That was an-add on.

My personal PLR experience has been awesome. Even now I practice mediation daily and it gives me positivity. I can now easily distinguish between positive and negative vibes. I try to evade negative vibe and try to keep positive vibes around me. As far as my job hunt is concerned I have done my bit now rest will happen on its on. I am not going to think too much about it and fill my head with negative thoughts.

The journey of my experience would have been incomplete without you Geetha. You were my charioteer in this journey, you guided me to sail through time, to ensure the purpose of my visit is fructified. I think I troubled you a bit because the rough draft ran into 9 pages. Even I had tough time compiling it to 4 pages. Was confused about the incidents to induct and deduct. Am happy you liked it, it means a lot to me.

I like people who are straight forward in life, Partheesha, you were very honest from the day we first connected on phone. That was one was of reasons why I decided to make you my charioteer, and I was not wrong, PLR was not just a session for you. It was your journey too with me, as you had put your heart and soul in each session. That’s was the reason why our efforts fructified desired results. My heart rules my body, the things which I do whole heartedly give me positive results in comparison to those which I do just for the heck of it.

Thanks will be a small word to express my gratitude to you Partheesha, but can’t find anything better than this. God bless you and family always. Be the way you are and spread the light of positivity around you. Be in touch. Regards,Rajesh

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