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You were You and You will always be!

 After experiencing PLR session the greatest take for a client is the realization that you are always there. May be that is the reason why each one of us feels that he is immortal and grieves on others mortality.


As soon as the clients realize and understands who we really are, they start perceiving themselves as a soul rather than only the temporary costume, which is the body. They deeply realize that, in reality we are a being of spiritual energy giving life to the body, we are immortal.


They also begin to understand that we change bodily costumes just as a snake sheds its skin, but I – the eternal soul – can never die.


Personal Session

Looking for a one-to-one Therapy Session for yourself, friends and family?


Group Regression

Want to conduct regression therapy for the entire family or a group of friends?


For Organizations

Believe in raising productivity of employees by taking care of their mental wellbeing?

How does this therapy work?

Anything which has happened in our past is recorded in our soul as if in a CD....PLR is like a cleansing machine and the moment you see something in your past life which is related to the troubles in this life the same gets vanished in thin air. However since each one of us is unique in our own self the experience of PLR has also been unique and the steps involved or the results received cannot be generalised as can be done in other therapies.

How would we go about the healing?

Ideally three sessions are required to heal a person completely. However It depends entirely on the person and the issue at hand and cannot be generalised. Typically a session lasts up to 2-3 hours. We would request you to take out your time and be available completely without distractions. The first session comprises understanding the issue, counselling and an orientation to the healing (preparation for subsequent sessions).

How does it heal?

Sometimes we are meant to go through some painful experience only to obtain certain learning. However, when a person gets involved with such an experience with another soul, he is not able to look at the experience from the perspective of soul-learning. He is very much affected by the suffering and wants to return the energies/emotions that have been received from that soul. And so, in a subsequent life, the ‘action’ repeats with a reversal of roles. This can go on and on endlessly, until one of them decides to snap out.

The knowledge of why at all the painful experience had to happen in the first place, would help the soul sojourn without any suffering thereafter. Once the lesson is understood or brought to awareness, one is able to release oneself from the karmic cycle.

Often pain may be inevitable, but suffering is a choice. For example in case a couple understands the Karmic basis for giving birth to a ‘special’ child, they no longer ‘suffer the strain’ of nurturing the child. They are able to go through their role in peace. Therefore, karma is not really the suffering involved, but is the learning behind the experience.

let light.

Still unsure what a Past Life Regression Therapy is ? 

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