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Choose the connections that empower you.

All our emotional entanglements are connected to us through various cords. Some relations empower us, while some drain are energy. We have the power to choose the connections we wish to keep and the cords which need to be disconnected. Releasing the cords, giving back their energy to them and taking our power back liberates us, strengthens us and makes us whole and complete. 

What is cord Cutting

"Cord cutting is a very useful form of energetic cleansing used to help separate yourself from toxic people and experiences from the past or present." 

If you think of the bonds and relationships and connections you have with the world around you as being energetic cords, cord cutting is cutting ties with people, places, or things that no longer serve you—or are actively harming you.


Cord cutting is generally used to move on from break-ups. It simply disconnects unhealthy ties between you and another person, helping you to let go without directing any harm at anyone.The practice is frequently used with relationships—platonic, romantic, or sexual—but I personally feel that it can be used for addictions, fears, and other traumas that might be holding you back as well.

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